Global is Local: Witness The World
Saturday, July 22
12pm – 3:30pm
Esplanade, Yerba Buena Gardens

Global Is Local: Witness The World is a FREE event featuring amazing young people from the Bay and cities around the world. Performances include a set by Ghanaian artist Jojo Abot, Oakland’s own Bells Atlas, MC Olympics Finals and a special lineup of international youth poets. Global is Local is part of the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival and Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival.


MC OLYMPICS is an Olympic-style competition presented by Youth Speaks during the Brave New Voices Festival. After a rigorous qualifying round testing young emcees skills on the mic, moving the crowd, freestyling and flowing, four finalists have emerged to stake their claim for the title of MC Olympics Gold Medalist.


JOJO ABOT is a Ghanaian artist expressing herself through music, film/photography, literature, and performance art. FYFYA WOTO, meaning New Birth – New Discovery serves as the theme and title for her ongoing project exploring the SELF as a provocative tool in the discovery, exchange, and evolution of the subject of IDENTITY. Through her work, Abot investigates new forms of spirituality and expression as part of a growing global conversation around shared space and shared identity that exists beyond the conventional bias of color, race, class or sexual orientation.


BELLS ATLAS emerges from the vibrant cultural and musical backdrop of Oakland, CA. The epicenter of the group’s start was Guerilla Café (“”) – a fateful location that fostered friendship and musical connection between the core members, sparking the beginnings of a beautiful artistic collaboration and unique blend of sounds. Combining heavy rhythm and groove, soulful vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of wildcard energy, this dynamic group has arrived at a sound that is undoubtedly their own. Primarily made up of four members with a musical chemistry that surprises and compliments, the sonic palette that makes up Bells Atlas is deep, cinematic and colorful.